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Age: Late Elementary School Years


1995 Awards
Building Skyscrapers
(David Alpert Association $19.95 Score:) Kaboom! down with the old and up, up, up goes a new skyscraper in New York City. Step by step from implosions to raising the steel and concrete oozing out of the hoses, here's a ringside seat for watching a building go from a foundation to finish. Real construction people, both male and female, answer the questions of a seven-year-old child in a well-paced, clearly written film that was shot from many perspectives, including a helicopter. PLATINUM AWARD '95.

Age: Early School Years,Later School Years. Award Year: 1995.

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2001 Awards
Really Wild Animals
(Columbia Tristar $14.95 Score:) A lively blend of splendid film footage, information, and music have made this series a hit with kids. Dudley Moore narrates all three videos: Monkey Business looks at animal families; Dinosaurs and Other Creature Features explores the mysteries and characteristics of some of the weirdest wildlife; Polar Prowl travels from North to South Pole. Closed-captioned. 5-11

Age: Early School Years,Later School Years. Award Year: 2001.

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1995 Awards
Peter, Paul, and Mommy, Too
(Warner Bros. $19.98 Score:)

From the opening bars of "Puff," the magic is still here! All ages.

Age: Toddlers, Preschool, Early School Years, Later School Years. Award Year: 1995.

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2004 Awards
Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns
(PBS HOME Video $149.98 Score:) Short of a season's pass to see your favorite team in action, there is probably no better gift to serious fans than this nine-tape history of baseball. Burns traces the game's history back to the nineteenth century. Film clips of classic moments in unforgettable games are even more memorable as old time players, commentators, and fans tell about historic games. Borrow this at the library if the price seems steep, but don't miss it! No better way to introduce sports-minded kids to history! 9 & up.

Age: Later School Years. Award Year: 2004.

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Star Wars Trilogy
(Twentieth Century Fox $49.95 Score:) As fun as it was to see these movies the first time, there is something special about sharing them with your kids. You won't be disappointed! There are some changes from the original. One of our young viewers insisted that Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) was always featured at the end of the third movie. It wasn't until a parent pointed out that he was only two when the third movie was release! There are also behind the scenes making of the movies which older movie buffs will enjoy as well. Young Jedi will be interested in the extensive line of Star War sets from Lego including the Clone Scout Walker ($9.99) and the Darth Vader Transformation ($6.99). Hasbro's interactive Star Wars Saga Edition Game with lightsaber was a huge hit with our testers (both young and old). Trust the force Luke!

Age: Later School Years. Award Year: .

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2004 Award
Little House On the Prarie
(- Not Selected - $49.95 Score:) Imagine a whole generation who knows Melissa Gilbert only from infomercials. Feel old? New fans of the books asked, "There was a show?" The first and second seasons (which are truer to the books) are available on six CD sets. Fun to see again and share with your kids!

Age: Early School Years,Later School Years. Award Year: 2004.

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