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2002 Award
Turtle Spring
(by Deborah Turney Zagwyn, Tricycle Press $6.95 Score:) Clee's uncle brings her a turtle in the fall. Clee is none too happy about the new baby brother who is staying and her Daddy who is leaving on a job that takes all winter. She's even more unhappy when her turtle seems to disappear all through the long winter with its many kinds of snow. This is a charming young science book about hibernation that also speaks to issues of separation, heartfelt feelings and changes that come with the passing seasons.

Age: Preschool,Early School Years. Award Year: 2002.

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2003 Award
Like a Windy Day
(by Frank Asch & Devin Asch, Harcourt $15 Score:) Think of all the things you could do if you were the wind. Here's a soaring young science book that introduces the concept of wind power. It takes an abstract and invisible force and makes it into an imaginative picture book. 4-7

Age: Preschool,Early School Years. Award Year: 2003.

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2004 Award
I Face the Wind
(by Vicki Cobb/illus. by Julia Gorton, HarperCollins $15.99 Score:) Who has seen the wind? Here are some answers to that question with several concrete, but playful ways to experiment and see the un- seeable. A young science book for hands-on learning. 3–5.

Age: Preschool,Early School Years. Award Year: 2004.

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2006 Award
Winter's Tale
(by Robert Sabuda, Simon & Schuster $26.95 Score:) Save this to share together—little hands are apt to destroy it—as they will be thrilled with the stunning pop-ups that glitter with scenes of winter and white owls, bunnies, bears, deer, and a fabulous moose! Enjoy this with and without the words; with large and small pop-ups on every fold, it’s a double “oooh!” through and through! All ages.

Age: Preschool,Early School Years. Award Year: 2006.

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