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2013 Award
Fur Real Friends Sweet Blossom Pony Snuggimal
(Hasbro $16.99 Score:)

Small enough to fit into standard block construction sites, this spotted pony walks with lively steps when you push her on the back. Sweet blossom is just one of a new group of plush figures. Sweet bloosom is cuter in person than the photo. These are mini-versions of the original Fur Real Friends that started out as child-size ride-ons. 4 & up

Age: Preschool. Award Year: 2013. Click here to purchase the product on

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2012 Awards
LOL Elmo
(Playskool $39.99 Score:)

Happy-go-lucky Elmo is bubbling over with laughs again. Press his foot and his laughing begins, squeeze the remote control fishbowl and he laughs and wiggles even more. Tickle his tummy and Elmo not only laughs, he tells little jokes, too. Guaranteed to bring on a case of the giggles, this season's Elmo is smaller than he used to be and not too cuddly. You can feel the mechanism through his plush body. That said, this is a novelty toy that will be a sure fire favorite of kids and grown-ups alike. 18 months and up.

SNAP: Activating Elmo just might interest kids who need to work on strengthening hands and fingers. Elmo certainly will motivate them and there are three different ways to discover and remember how he moves. Squeeze his foot, tickle his tummy and press the remote. That's a lot of ways to make things happen. Is it a long term toy? Probably not. This is one of those novelty items that has some redeeming features.

Age: Toddlers, Preschool. Award Year: 2012. Click here to purchase the product on

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2006 Awards
Check-up Time Elmo
(Fisher-Price $19.99 Score:) A great prop for getting kids ready for a visit to the doctor. Comes with stethoscope, thermometer, sounds, a song, and a book. Also, techno-savvy tots can have a programmable Knows Your Name Elmo or Winnie the Pooh ($39.99 each). Not ready for testing, but they promise to know your child’s name, favorite food, birthday, and friend’s names. (Not sure why, but this seemed a little creepy to one of us.) These are all marked 18 mos. & up, but a better choice for 3 & up. (800) 432-5437.

Age: Preschool. Award Year: 2006.

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2007 Award
FurReal Friends Newborn Piglet and Lamb
(Hasbro $12.99 Score:) Two plush barnyard animals, a piglet and a lamb, that oink and baa and wiggle their heads and bodies when stroked. They come with a small feeding bottle, as well. These are novelty items, but fun little 9” critters for a fistful of fun. They would also be enjoyed on an office desk too (we speak from personal experience). 4 & up.

Age: Preschool,Early School Years,Later School Years. Award Year: 2007.

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2008 Award
Lia Interactive Baby Doll
(Corolle $89.95 Score:) A high-tech doll from an unexpected source. The French doll Lia speaks four languages by placing one of three bracelets on her wrist (her default language is French, of course). Lia will tell you when she's hungry, needs to potty (just pretend), and most endearing, she asks for a kiss; but she’s not intrusive and demanding. You can also turn off the high-tech function and you have a classic vanilla-smelling baby doll. She’s a big armful, a 17" bald baby who comes with bib, spoon, feeding dish, and potty.

Age: Preschool,Early School Years. Award Year: 2008.

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2005 Award
(Fisher-Price $29.99 Score:) The latest of the interactive Elmo dolls. Here Elmo does a dance (with body movements) to the tune of "YMCA". Will appeal to parents of a certain generation as well as their kids. Also charming, Happy Ears Eeyore (Fisher-Price $19.99); Eeyore’s ears move as he speaks. (800) 432-5437.

Age: Preschool. Award Year: 2005.

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2006 Award
Shout Elmo
(Fisher-Price $29.99 Score:) This season's Elmo is designed to get kids up and dancing along. He moves his hands around and moves as he asks kids to sing louder and (thankfully) softer. He takes four AA batteries. Marked for 18 mos. and up, we think these are a better choice for prechoolers 3 & up.

Age: Preschool. Award Year: 2006.

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2007 Award
Furreal Friends Butterscotch Pony
(Hasbro $299.99 Score:) Your child is either going to love Butterscotch or want to run in the opposite direction. Butterscotch is voice activated and will move her head in your direction when you speak to her. She whinnes and snorts and while she doesn't actually move forward, she does make walking sounds when you sit on her (there is an 80 lb. limit). Comes with a carrot and brush. It's fun to feed her as she makes chomping sounds and moves her mouth. She has almost too much hair on her mane but certainly does fill the bill on "hairplay". We usually don't love dolls that do a lot of things--but for kids that love horses, Butterscotch is truly magical.

Age: Preschool,Early School Years. Award Year: 2007.

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