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2002 Award
Kipper's Rainy Day
(Mick Inkpen, Harcourt $5.95 Score:) Move over, Spot! Kipper's new lift-the-flap books invite children's responses and reflect toddlers' budding awareness of weather. Also, Kipper's Sunny Day.

Age: Toddlers. Award Year: 2002.

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Pete and Polo's Farmyard Adventure
(by Adrian Reynolds, Orchard $16.95 Score:) This set out to be a little counting mystery for young children. Pete is looking for the ten missing ducklings on the farm. The problem for the reader is that you can not see all the ducklings that are being counted in the text. There are pages where the text counts ducklings that are not illustrated making it particularly frustrating for beginning counters. For children that are just starting to learn how to count to ten, the relationship between the text and objects being counted need to be literal. The illustrations are charming and would have otherwise been an enjoyable little counting mystery book.

Age: Toddlers,Preschool. Award Year: 2002.

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2002 Award
This Little Chick
(by John Lawrence, Candlewick $15.99 Score:) A repetitive refrain gives this playful story a pattern that toddler will enjoy. Little Chick goes out to play with the other creatures and has great fun imitating the sounds they say. This is exactly what little listeners will do, too. Bold wood cuts with a zippy action is sure to make this a "read-it-again" favorite.

Age: Toddlers. Award Year: 2002.

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2004 Award
What Are You Doing, Maisy?
(Lucy Cousins, Candlewick $7.99 Score:) A lift-the-flap book with objects to “know and name” on the left; then lift the flaps and see them all in use, as Maisy gets ready for a birthday party. Equally right, a companion book that asks, Where Are You Going, Maisy? 2 & up.

Age: Toddlers. Award Year: 2004.

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2006 Awards
Food For Thought
(by Saxton Freymann, Scholastic $14.95 Score:) Fruits and veggies have been transformed into amusing creatures that have been photographed and grouped to introduce basic concepts. There are pages devoted to counting, colors, shapes, letters and opposites. Big sturdy pages make this a treasure children will go back to again and again. 2 & up.

Age: Toddlers,Preschool. Award Year: 2006.

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2008 Award
Safari Animals
(by Simms Taback, Blue Apple $12.95 Score:)

Chances are your older toddler/preschooler will know what the answer is to each question posed on the fist frame of a giant fold out. The feet, stripes, mouth and other signal clue is clear when the text asks, “Who as I?” But that does not take away any of the excitement of unfolding the giant pages of bright colored animals. Another small factoid is added to the mix, but it is the art that is a wow! 2-5.

Age: Toddlers, Preschool. Award Year: 2008.

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2008 Award
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
(by Mem Fox/ illus. by Helen Oxenbury, Harcourt $16 Score:)

Adorable babies born all over the world introduce the world of multiculturalism to the youngest lapsitter. A repetitive refrain links them together with their commonality…“as everyone knows had ten little fingers and ten little toes.” Oxenbury’s illustrations are delicious and will be fun to explore and talk about with your own little one. They say 3-5, we’d suggest this will be enjoyed by toddlers who love seeing babies like themselves in books. 18 months and up.

Age: Toddlers, Preschool. Award Year: 2008. Click here to purchase the product on

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2009 Award
Maisy's Food / Los alimentos de Maisy
(by Lucy Cousins, Candlewick $5.99 Score:)

Raising a bilingual baby? This and several companion books, such as, Maisy's Animals/Los animales de Maisy are perfect "knowing and naming" books with familiar objects to know, name, and talk about. Each object introduced is labeled in English and Spanish and serves as a good starting point for thinking and speaking in dual languages. Also available, Maisy's Toys and Maisy's Clothes. These are sturdy board books with Cousins zippy signature art work. 18 months & up.

Age: Infants, Toddlers. Award Year: 2009. Click here to purchase the product on

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2009 Award
(by Simms Taback, Blue Apple/Chronicle $6.99 Score:)

Color books are not always clear and even mix two colors to a page. This one is well designed with one color to a page and sometimes even two pages for one color. The pages are printed on sturdy cardboard stock so they can take the kind of tough handling of little hands. This can be used for knowing and naming objects as well as colors. This goes a step beyond the usual primary colors and includes some of the less familiar hues such as lavender, crimson, aqua, and tan. We might have left some of those out, but that said, this is a nice little book for talking about colors. Also see, Animals ($4.99) Again, the animals chosen go beyond familiar animals and stretch the usual boundries of knowing and naming books for young children. It starts with a generic "bird" in flight and moves on to a page dedicated to a penguin, a flamingo and a parrot among others such as aquatic creatures such as an octopus, crab, turtle and frog. The illustration are all attractive, it is just a strange combination of critters for such young "readers" to recognize or name.


Age: Toddlers. Award Year: 2009. Click here to purchase the product on

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2002 Awards
My First Baby Signs
(by Linda Acredolo, Ph.D, & Susan Goodwyn, Ph.D./ p, HarperCollins $6.95 Score:) One of several books that show how to teach baby to sign even before she can speak. Using charming photos of babies and familiar objects, the pictures capture the baby signing a word as the text tells you how to sign that word. Also, Baby Signs for Mealtime ($6.95) The authors claim that babies have fewer tantrums and talk sooner when they are empowered to communicate through simple gestures. Makes sense. When do you start? When baby starts to wave good-bye. SNAP: This series may be of interest to parents with children with delayed speech

Age: Infants,Toddlers. Award Year: 2002.

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