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2009 Award
Maru Doll
(Maru and Friends $99 Score:)

Maru is a very beautiful Hispanic doll with dark eyes, dark hair and fine features. She looks like a collector's doll with a face that looks like a bisque doll from another time. Her clothes are colorful, a pleated cordoroy skirt, orange blouse and hat and a cute vest with orange bows. She wears fleece topped boots and tights. She's about the same size as an American Girl doll. But her body is not soft. Her arms and legs move, but she is less flexible than some of the play dolls that look like American Girl wanna-be's. The book that comes with Maru is not really of the same quality as the doll. The book is a totally forgettable. We also question the age on the box. They say 3 & up. This is a doll for 5's and up, up, up. It wold be a total waste for 3's who would not be able to handle her clothes. So this is a mixed bag. Available on their site,, where you will find two other dolls, a blonde and a doll with wavy hair.

Age: Early School Years, Later School Years. Award Year: 2009.

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(Hasbro $ Score:) Furby is back this year with what the company calls "Emotio-tronics". This larger furry creature now promises to display happiness,sadness, surprise, fear and of course, sleepiness (what's an electronic creature without the sleep mode?) Sometimes Furby sounds a bit like Yoda as he speaks his Furbish. A pure novelty that will likely end up sitting on the shelf after the initial furbishness wears off.

Age: Later School Years. Award Year: 2006.

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2007 Award
American Girl Emily
(American Girl $87 Score:) In the American Girl collection of dolls, each comes with a book that introduces girls to a bit of history through stories. Emily is in fact not an American girl, but an English girl, an auburn-haired beauty evacuated during WWII from London, to live with Molly and her family. Still top rated, any number of historic dolls from various times in our history. Last year’s winner was also an English girl, Elizabeth, from a prominent Loyalist family (and best friend of well-known Felicity). She’s 18" tall with long blond hair and blue eyes. PLATINUM AWARD 06. Still top rated, Nellie O’Malley (Samantha’s best friend). PLATINUM AWARD ’05. 7 & up. (800) 845-0005.

Age: Early School Years,Later School Years. Award Year: 2007.

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Roboreptile and RS Media
(WowWee $350 Score:) RS promises to provide all of your media needs in the package of an interactive robot. Comes with a small color LCD screen on his chest, tweeters and woofer, a USB connector, and music playback; you can input data from your PC. Comes loaded with four personalities (each with its own distinct animations and expressions). Comes with 50 MB of internal memory or you can use an external memory card (additional purchase required). Also new, Roboreptile ($120 4), the latest in the robo “creature” line, 21⁄4' long, is truly creepy in that Jurassic Park/Terminator kind of way, with 28 remote functions. We found him less responsive to commands than his predecessors. 8 & up. Still top rated, the less expensive earlier versions: Robosapien ($99) and Robosapien V2 ($250); and Roboraptor ($100 ), a scary 32"-long white robotic dino that thinks he’s in a scene from “Jurassic Park.” He hisses and snaps. For our older toy testers this was cool. (Some little siblings may truly be freaked out by his aggressive nature). 10 & up. (800) 310-3033.

Age: Later School Years. Award Year: 2007.

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2008 Award
American Girls Julie and Ivy
(American Girl $87 Score:) In the American Girl collection of dolls, each comes with a book that introduces girls to a bit of history through stories. Julie is a nine-year-old of the '70s, meaning she is caught up in the women’s rights movement, Title IX, the Bicentennial and oh, yes, her parents' divorce. Talk about hitting all bases—this does it. Julie is about to move from her house in San Francisco, near Chinatown and her best friend Ivy ($87). Both dolls are being launched simultaneously with six books about them, authored by two well known writers, Megan McDonald and Lisa Yee. 7 & up.

Age: Early School Years,Later School Years. Award Year: 2008.

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