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1998 Awards
Deluxe Gymini 3-D Activity Gym
(Tiny Love $50 Score:) Sadly, this product has been discontinued.

This play mat remains our favorite with two arches and dangly toys baby can gaze and eventually bat at. It gets high marks for keeping baby entertained. We prefer this design to the classic plastic activity gyms. Available in high-contrast black, white, and red version. Not for babies who are beginning to pull themselves up. Deluxe version is slightly larger.

SNAP INFO: This soft fabric playmat with dangly toys on soft arches comes in a variety of choices. For bold visual graphics select the black. white and red version. Easy to fold and carry along, the deluxe version is larger than most, a plus for bigger babies who may not be on the move, but ready to reach out and activate things. Like all playmats, this is to be used only with supervision and is not intended for babies who are pulling themselves up. Adaptation: Babies stop noticing toys that are always in their sight- just as you stop noticing a vase that's always in the same place. Change the soft danglies positions or substitute others to add visual interest.

Age: Infants. Award Year: 1998.

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2000 Award
Ambi Ted Triple Teether
(Brio $5.99 Score:)

The body of this teddy bear teether has three different colors and textures for baby to feel and taste. Just right for little hands.

Age: Infants. Award Year: 2000. Click here to purchase the product on

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2000 Awards
Tolo Activity Cube
(Reeves International $10 Score:)

Glad to see this line back in the market place. We awarded the collection a Platinum Award in 2000. We're now adding them to our Blue Chip Classics award winners. What we wrote in 2000: We were really impressed with this new but classic-looking line of baby toys, crafted of sturdy primary-colored plastics. An Activity Cube for little fingers to activate has a mirror, squeaker, roller and spinning ball. The Gripper Ball has four easy-to-grab rounded handles and a see-through hourglass in the middle with beads that roll from side to side. Also highly recommended: Triangle Rings, Abacus Rings, Roller Rattle Ball ($5 each) with a jolly sound, and Reflector Rattle ($16) with colorful marbles that look almost liquid as they spin around a mirrored triangular well.

SNAP INFO: To develop two-handed play, kids need a variety of manipulatives with interesting payoffs. Tolo's Activity Cube has a mirror, squeaker, roller, and spinning ball for little fingers to activate. The Gripper Ball has four easy-to-grab rounded handles and a see-through hourglass in the middle with beads that roll from side to side. New for 2000, Play Triangle with spinning mirror and big beads.

Age: Infants. Award Year: 2000. Click here to purchase the product on

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1998 Awards
Lamaze First Mirror
(Learning Curve International $19.99 Score:)

Newly updated with bright graphics, this fabric-covered wedge with a mirror for baby to peer into is ideal for tummy time play. Covered in eye-grabbing orange with multi-colored piping. The unbreakable safety mirror in a soft fabric frame can be removed and used separately. Birst & up.

Age: Infants. Award Year: 1998. Click here to purchase the product on

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2007 Awards
Lamaze Clutch Cube
(Learning Curve International $12.99 Score:)

Once again, an updated version of a classic. This newest version has new graphics and is slightly smaller and lighter for little ones to hold and explore. There's a chime inside the cube that makes a quiet sound as baby investigates the many patterns and differing textures on the four grabbers. A black-and-white graphic lifts to reveal a peek-a-boo mirror. There's a lot here for sensory feedback and two-handed play.

SNAP INFO: Big easy to grab handles with different textures makes this a good choice for tots to investigate. There's a jingle sound inside as well as interesting patterns to look at on each side of the cube. Activity: Encourage baby to grab a handle and play tugging games. But, remember, let the wookie win!

Age: Infants. Award Year: 2007. Click here to purchase the product on

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2000 Awards
Lamaze My First Fish Bowl
(TOMY $19.99 Score:)

Babies can explore the interesting textures and sounds of a rattling star fish, a crinkly crab, a jingly fish, and a squeaky crab. All come in a fabric fish bowl with clear vinyl sides for filling and dumping.  EDITORS' NOTE: This toy has been slightly downsized since we first reviewed it. The product is now trimmed in yellow, not blue.

SNAP INFO: There's an assortment of textures and sounds built into the rattling star fish, crinkly crab, jingly fish, and squeaky crab. The clear vinyl sides of the fabric fishbowl make it easy to see what's inside and the big opening make for good filling and dumping games. ACTIVITY: Use the fishbowl for other fill and dump games. A bunch of colored socks will fit in easily and be fun to pull out one by one. Put several little toys inside and count them one by one as your tot pulls them out. The company has signed a verification form complying with our safety requirements. We did not independently test this toy in a lab.

Age: Infants. Award Year: 2000. Click here to purchase the product on

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1995 Awards
Wimmer-Ferguson Car Seat Gallery
(Manhattan Toy $12 Score:) We've tried many new entries in this category for car-seat entertainment and found that this remains the best choice for back-facing car seats. Hang this four-way pattern pocket chart on the back seat of the car to entertain your little traveler. There are 20 different patterns in black/white and primary and primary colors to gaze at. Ideal for newborns.

Age: Infants. Award Year: 1995.

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Mozart's Magic Cube
(em-bry-on-ics $34.99 Score:) Too bad they forgot the volume control on this musical block. Babies are supposed to press the sides of the block to hear a French horn, flute, violin, piano or the whole orchestra. This is cheaper than Neurosmith's Platinum Award winning Musical Blocks but the latter are far more versatile, playing many kinds of music and have sound quality that is worth the price. These are a pale imitation.

Age: Infants. Award Year: .

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1995 Awards
Babys First Blocks
(Fisher-Price $12.99 Score:)

Technically this is a shape-sorter, but the 10 blocks will be used to fill, spill and throw long before the baby can fit them into the three-place shape-sorter lid of the container. Put the lid away for now. A no gimmick classic that is neither complicated nor expensive. We much preferred this toy when it only had three shapes (circle, square and triangle)--the addition of the other shapes and more openings makes this less elegant and user friendly...but still a good basic toy.

Age: Infants, Toddlers. Award Year: 1995. Click here to purchase the product on

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2009 Awards
Ring Rattle
(Sassy $7.95 Score:)

Refreshed in new colors, this remains a good choice for sitting up babies. They will be able to pass this from hand to hand and investigate the colors, sounds and textures of the rattle rings on the bigger ring. Texture on the big ring and beads that roll in the see through plastic add visual interest as well as interesting feel and sound. 

SNAP INFO: There's so much to interest the senses in this colorful rattle/teether. Talk about the colors and sounds and feel as you use the rattle and baby examines it. Clip this to car seat with a few links so tots can pull it to them.

Age: Infants. Award Year: 2009.

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