Planning a Sleepover Party
Tips for Making it Fun
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Posted: 2009-08-26 11:41:47 By: Stephanie Oppenheim


If you're planning a sleepover, make sure you keep the numbers down. Having a smaller group will reduce the chaos--and make it more unlikely that there will be someone left out.  Also--if at all possible plan this event on a night where you have not had a long day at work--or a big project due the next day.  Even though they're old enough to have a sleepover--these are very parent intensive events. Having some structure also helps--if you're doing a craft project, make sure everyone has the same materials so there isn't tha inevitable "she got the best pieces".

Here's some tips for a successful sleepover party:

1. Selecting activities for parties can be tricky. If you have older kids and there are video games in your house, the reality is that they will probably eat and plug in. The key here is to make sure you have enough controllers...and make sure kids take turns. It won't be much fun, if everyone is just watching two kids play. (It happens...I call these kids controller hogs...sticking your head into the room on occassion can help assure that everyone gets a turn.) 

2. If you have tween girls -- go spa night! Manicures and pedicures are top on the list. Bring home some fun colors.  A beading activity kit or wooden boxes from the craft store that they can decorate for their jewelery is also fun and easy to put together.

3. Movie Night. Movies rated high on the list with both our boy and girl testers. Bring home new releases or try our all time favorite, The Princess Bride (good for both boys and girls). For tweens you can also show them the original King Kong versus one of the more recent remakes. An old Dracula movie for creative. What did you love to watch at that age. Some movies don't always hold up. The original Bad News Bears with Walter Matthau and Tatum O'Neal has lots of language in it that is just not pc.

4. Group games can be fun. Classics like Bingo--with a spinning cage is fun, especially if there are small trinkets that kids are playing for. A classic like Twister is fun too.  I'm also a big fan of outdoor games before it gets dark--using up some of that energy gives you a fighting chance that at some point everyone will go to sleep.

5. Make Your Own Dinner or Dessert. Not a bad idea for kids to participate in making something depending on their age you can adjust their involvement.  Putting toppings on pizza...decorating cupcakes...all fun and time consuming.

6. If you like themes--go for it!  Plan a menu, activity and movie that work around something your child and friends will enjoy.





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