Ideas for Sleepover Parties
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Posted: 2010-01-10 19:44:34 By: by Stephanie Oppenheim


Here are three themes for a sleepover...

Sports Theme

If Sports are big in your house, it's a natural theme. 

One of my favorite games is Sports Geography...

Here's how you play: Name a team...can then tell you the City?  Or Name a City, can they give you a team from that city? You can do it with a big map as well.  Some geography thrown into sports..all good!

Obstacle Course. Set up an obstacle course outside for kids to work their way through. This takes some space and you have to know your kids (and their friends) to know whether this will be fun or turn into a tear provoking event. 

Board Games. For a change of pace you might do rounds of a sports-themed Monopoly game that features your favorite major league team.

Sports Movie. Pick one of your favorites...ours include The Rookie and Remember the Titans.

Spa Night

You know the drill.  Manicures for all.  Easy to pull together with things from the drug store or you can buy some kits that are already loaded. If "makeovers" are the rage, there is no better transformation than Ann Hathaway in The Princess Diaries.


You can get the fixings for making their own leis at the craft store (string and flowers).  We highly recommend trying Be a Hula of the best instructional videos we ever reveiwed.



2002 Award
Be a Hula Girl
(Kuleana Productions $14.95 Score: ) We were testing a luau craft kit when this wonderful dancing video arrived from Hawaii. Our 8-year-old testers followed every motion and learned how to dance and move to the traditional music. We liked how the instructor kept reminding them to smile! You can buy the video alone, or with a raffia skirt and beads ($24.95). This would be fun to use for a luau party.

Age: Early School Years,Later School Years. Award Year: 2002.




2009 Award
Creativity for Kids Tiki Girl Jewelry
(Creativity for Kids $18 Score: )

Handsome wooden jewelry comes smooth and ready to decorate in this kit with 3 rings, 2 pendant necklaces plus beads, 2 bracelets, and 1 flower hair clip. It has tiny flower stick-ons and a paint pen with a precision fine point. The company has signed a verification form complying with our safety requirements. We did not independently test this toy in a lab. 7 and up.

Age: Early School Years. Award Year: 2009. Click here to purchase the product on


Scavenger Hunt

You can incorporate this into your having the things they hunt for be theme-related (a tennis ball, a nail buffer, you get the idea). Make up your own hunt or buy Scaventure. Once they've looked for things around the house, they may also enjoy the wonderful classic, The Borrowers.



2002 Award
Scaventure Kids
(Faby Games $20 Score: ) If you are having a crowd, you'll love this scavenger hunt! Kids of mixed ages play together 30 minutes or more- depending on the limit you set. Comes with 150 cards, each has four items to find or do. Many tasks involve drawing, role play or some fun do-able action. The winning team does the most tasks. Sure, you can make up a scavenger hunt, but this one inspires creative thinking and doing plus hunting. A great co-operative game.

Age: Early School Years,Later School Years. Award Year: 2002.




1999 Awards
The Borrowers
(Polygram $19.95 Score: ) Based on the classic Borrowers books, this updated version stars John Goodman as a villain/lawyer who tries to rob a family of its home and, with them, the family of little people who inhabit the walls of their house. The whole family will enjoy this. Why not read the book together and use the book and video as an exercise in comparative literature? 8 & up.

Age: Early School Years,Later School Years. Award Year: 1999.


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