April 7, 2020

(Mindware $17.99)

Designed for toddlers, Duck, Duck, Dance is an active cooperative game for parents and child. There are no winners or losers, only lots of shared giggles, wiggles, and turn taking. There are several ways to play the game, all involving gross motor acti...

April 3, 2020

(Fat Brain $19.99)

We’ve written about other Fat Brain dimpl toys. This newest variation has smaller dimples and no doubt require little fingers, rather than the whole hand to push and press the silicone bubbles to move. So this calls for finer motor skills. It also has...

April 2, 2020

(Fat Brain  $19.98)

Fit the three textured tracks onto the wobbly tower...put them in any order. Put one ball on top and zip-zap, wiggle-wobble it runs down the track! Not only does the tower wobble, the sound of the balls on the textured track also add to the fun....

April 2, 2020

(Mindware $17.95)

Crafted of solid hardwood and painted with water-based finish that is non-toxic and BPA-Free, Babu’s new Tilt and Spin is designed for two-handed play. Toddlers grasp the handles and as they tilt the toy the beads slide and the spinner in the middle tw...

April 1, 2020

(Fat Brain $29.95)

Our tester family loved the sound of the jingly chime bells built into the round bottom bowl that rocks as toddlers experiment with this clever toy. Take a pin out—put a pin in and the sweet sounding bells tinkle. Put them in to stand tall or turn the...

March 30, 2020

(Peaceable Kingdom $17.95)

Who doesn't love a picnic? Here's a perfect picnic basket loaded with plates, a cloth to spread on the ground, and an assortment of foods in three different shapes and colors. Each player gets a plate and takes turns digging into the basket to...

March 24, 2020

(Mudpuppy $14.99)

You’ll find six thick and sturdy puzzle boards with one shaped puzzle piece—the baby animal—that must be fitted into the big scene. Kids match the babies to the parent on each board. Introduce one board at a time and talk about the scene. A good chance...

November 24, 2019

(Dial $11.99)

A colorful board book by Sophie Beer, that celebrates something we could all use a lot of these days—kindness. We’re not sure you can teach that with a book and declarative sentences. That said, it is a way to talk with kids one on one about the simple act...

October 21, 2019

(Viking $0.00)

Perfect for beach or sandbox, these lightweight Viking trucks are easy to carry along and a snap to clean up in the dishwasher or under a hose. Made of sugar cane, they are Swedish toys that will not sit in the landfill for a thousand years. They are tota...

October 4, 2019

(Jakks Pacific $24.99)

You probably had the original Corn Popper, a favorite push toy for generations. Now the familiar look and sound of the Corn Popper has been added to a ride-on for the 21st century toddler. Low to the ground with easy on-off action, this four-wheel...

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