January 24, 2020

(eeBoo $21.99)

A challenging 1000-piece puzzle for the whole family to work on during the long winter nights ahead. Her club includes Mary Shelley, Virginia Woolf, George Eliot, and Zora Neale Hurston. Illustrated by Jennifer Orkin Lewis, this is a puzzle that might als...

November 24, 2019

(Ravensburger $30.30)

You may have played and loved the original award-winning Labyrinth game. Now, for serious fans of Harry Potter, here’s a winning twist. Players must find pathways to the well-known residents of Hogwarts. As with the original game, no two games are...

October 17, 2019

(Creativity for Kids $14.99)

No messy glue is needed to make very pretty gem studded stickers and sun catchers. The kit comes with a dozen holographic stickers and two larger sun catchers. A stylus, loaded with a tip full of wax, is used to pick up the little gemstones...

October 17, 2019

(Gamewright $7.99)

Tuck this little tin of cards in your bag for a few quick rounds of fun. You’ll find four sets of cards, each with different colored dots. Each player gets one set or in a two player game, each players get two sets. Players take turns putting cards do...

October 13, 2019

(Hasbro $19.99)

For your next family gathering, here’s an active game that can be played without breaking a sweat or the bric-a-brac. Players race in slow motion to be the first to reach the cardboard  “trophy” or your own designated item. Two racers wear headbands that...

September 16, 2019

(Tech Will Save Us $96 on Kickstarter; $159 thereafter)

We’ve seen a slew of coding toys this season and many of them involve robots that will appeal to younger techies. This is quite a departure. Although it looks like a futuristic light peg board, it's really a platfo...

September 12, 2019

(eeBoo $19.99 each)

Looking for a gift for a teen or a project for the family? These 1000-piece puzzles have stunning graphics. They are challenging, but making it a team effort is one way to give kids a way into giant puzzles. Life in Space features a fantasy image of...

September 11, 2019

(eeBoo $12.99)

eeBoo’s Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System Poster is more than decorative. Space minded kids will find it heavenly...with 41 glow-in-the-dark stickers. It not only illustrates our Solar system it has trivia facts, such as our distance to the sun, the Moon’s ci...

September 11, 2019

(Creativity for Kids $19.99)

A big round loom that is like your old horse rein spool loom...only so much better! Instead of the long and almost useless rope of knitted wool, this giant loom produces a "tube" shaped piece of knitting that can be turned into a hat kids ca...

September 11, 2019

(eeBoo  $19.95)

On this 100th anniversary of the suffragette’s victory, it seems appropriate to celebrate women’s right to vote. The diverse faces and names of some of those who led the struggle are illustrated on this handsome 500-piece round puzzle. It’s not easy, but...

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