Corolle - Mon Grand Poupon Carriage Stroller with Adjustable Handle, Folding Design Design

(Corolle $63.99) Who wouldn’t love this doll carriage that collapses so it can easily go along on trips out of town or to the park. It has a bag for bottles, change of clothes and all the typical stuff a doll might need. The hood goes up and down, just like any real baby carriage should. It even has a storage compartment under the carriage for all those shopping trips and goodies needed for a day out. A very pink patterned fabric makes this gender specific. Note, the carriage does not come with a doll but it is big enough to accommodate dolls as big as 20 inches. The adjustable handle makes this a carriage that can go the distance as preschoolers grow. Ages: Preschoolers, Younger Early Schoo

Imaginext Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile R/C

(Fisher-Price $67.99) For kids in the transformer zone, this RC Batmobile is going to be THE toy of the season. It's a really big novelty toy with all the bells and whistles that make it a wow-wee kind of holiday gift. Kids can send Batman forward, back, right, left or spinning! If you want a toy that will get them off the screen and the couch, this will do it. Of course, novelty toys often have a short but intense play life. But this one looks like it can go the distance. Testers loved the sound and lights as the Batmobile transforms from vehicle to battle mode. We usually steer clear of toys with projectiles but this one shoots discs close to the ground and not with a lot of force. It take

Viking Ecoline Trucks

(Viking $0.00) Perfect for beach or sandbox, these lightweight Viking trucks are easy to carry along and a snap to clean up in the dishwasher or under a hose. Made of sugar cane, they are Swedish toys that will not sit in the landfill for a thousand years. They are totally recyclable and ready for rugged play. Choose the Mighty Dump truck with big tread tires and working dump. Look for the pastel work truck with lift up ladder and tool box for carrying whatever is needed for the job. The driver’s cabs on both are open on top so figures can fit into the seats. This picture shows a driver, but the trucks we tested did not come with drivers. For inside or outside play. Marked 1 and up. Ages: To

VTech KidiGo Walkie Talkies, Blue

(VTech $34.99) An updated pair of Walkie Talkies that not only allow you're kids to talk to each other from a distance but also have some basic games on them as well. Of course, in an age of cellphones, walkie talkies don't have the same appeal with older kids. But for younger cell-less kids - these will be enjoyed. Ages: Early School Age Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019 Click here to purchase the product from

Creativity for Kids Magical Big Gem Diamond Painting

(Creativity for Kids $14.99) No messy glue is needed to make very pretty gem studded stickers and sun catchers. The kit comes with a dozen holographic stickers and two larger sun catchers. A stylus, loaded with a tip full of wax, is used to pick up the little gemstones and place them on the stickers. This calls for fine motor skills and patience with rewarding payoff. Once they get the technique, it's an easy and pleasing project . Kids will want to use these stickers on notebooks and backpacks. The sun catchers can go on a window with small suction cup hanger or on a small stand (both supplied) along with 1000 diamond dot gems in many colors. Marked 6 and up. Ages:Early School, Tweens Oppen

Osmo Super Studio Frozen II

(Osmo $19.99) Fans of Frozen II are going to love this new game for their Osmo platform (not included with the game). Kids use a sketchpad with wipe-off markers to draw details that are then animated on the screen. Its coloring book, too, with buttons that fill in color to the player’s drawings. Of course, you need your own tablet and the Osmo base to play. We generally prefer art materials that allow children to draw from their imagination and this is very much a directed drawing experience. That said, for kids of a certain age, this is going to be a magical activity, allowing them to draw around favorite characters, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. SNAP: Older kids who may not have the dexterity to

Smart Games Brain Train

(SmartGames $29.99) For kids who love transportation toys, this is a three-dimensional puzzle with train and blocks, and brain teaser problems to solve. It comes with a booklet of 48 challenges that get progressively difficult. Players look at the image in the booklet and work to reproduce it by loading the train cars to match. We think this is more appropriate for early school years, despite the age on the box. It’s also a good choice for parent and child play. Take turns and play it cooperatively, giving kids strategies for solving the puzzles and modeling the fun of trial and error in problem solving. Ages: Early School Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019 Click here to purchase the pr

Gamewright Punto

(Gamewright $7.99) Tuck this little tin of cards in your bag for a few quick rounds of fun. You’ll find four sets of cards, each with different colored dots. Each player gets one set or in a two player game, each players get two sets. Players take turns putting cards down in a grid, no wider or higher than six cards. Players can put their card on top of any card with fewer dots. The object is to be the first to get four in a row of one color. It’s easy to learn, quick to play and you can set the number of rounds to be the declared champ. Perfect stocking stuffer and travel game! 8 and up. Ages: Older Early School, Tweens Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019 Click here to purchase the

American Girl Julie's Pinball Machine

(American Girl $150.00) This is a working pinball machine, scaled for their American Girl doll, but totally playable by kids (and their parents). The graphics are pure 70's and just what the Julie American Girl would have played while waiting for a pizza order. Julie doll does not come with this pinball machine, she's sold separately. We suspect it will be enjoyed by any of the other dolls and the lucky girl who gets it. The digital score board keeps accurate tallies. Pull the plunger to launch the metal ball, use the buttons to control the flipper arms on either side, bumpers, and realistic machine sounds. It’s made of real metal and wood.This is a big ticket Wowee! gift. Ages: Early School

American Girl Bowling Alley

(American Girl $150.00) The ultimate accessory for their American Girl doll! A bowling alley complete with a working score board, a wooden lane, ten motorized bowling pins, and gutters that balls can roll down with adjustable bumpers for practicing. It comes with glittery bowling shoes, pearly bowling balls that strap onto the dolls hands, and special glow in the dark bowling shirts for their dolls, a snack bar with menu for snacks, pretend food and drinks. Players just push a button to start the game that has lights, bowling sounds, and score-keeping. Pins are knocked down when a ball strikes, and then they reset automatically! This is a big ticket item designed for a Wowee! kind of gift g

Mattel Uno Tin and Uno Braille

(Mattel $9.99) It’s a safe bet that you played Uno when you were growing up. It’s a Blue ChIp classic family matching game. Players must keep two attributes in mind-matching color and or number as cards come up. And don’t forget, the special action cards like skip, reverse, draw two, and color changing Wild cards as well as Draw Four Wild Cards. Oh, one more have to shout “Uno!” the first to get rid of all her cards is the winner. At least of that round. Be a sport, play best of three, at least. This season, they have added Uno Braille, with the Braille symbols embossed. Ages: Early School Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Classic Award Click here to purchase the Braille product

Hasbro The Slow-Motion Race Game

(Hasbro $19.99) For your next family gathering, here’s an active game that can be played without breaking a sweat or the bric-a-brac. Players race in slow motion to be the first to reach the cardboard “trophy” or your own designated item. Two racers wear headbands that buzz and light up if the racer breaks out of slow motion. Hear the buzz? Player must freeze in place until the buzzing ends. Add to the fun by pumping arms as if you're really running. An original idea...going slow to win! Playing in slow motion takes a new kind of patience and control. It’s a two player game, but you can create teams, setting a goal of winning rounds for a team to achieve the big win. this gives team members

Creatable World Dolls

(Mattel $30.00) The first major gender neutral doll collection comes from the land of Barbie and Ken. Unlike the iconic (and frankly, unattainable) Barbie we grew up with, this is a collection that are meant to be children. There are six introductory sets that are multicultural - and come with one doll, a wig and a full wardrobe of clothes and accessories. The inclusiveness of this collection is notable. Barbie has also gone through a transformation in recent years to reflect different body types. Our only suggestion is that the doll itself should come with no hair on it. That way you can select either the short or longer hair option. Right now the doll comes with the short hair with the op

Jakks Paw Patrol Play Tent

(Jakks Pacific $19.99) If you have a preschooler who is into Paw Patrol, they will likely love this small tent with pictures of the characters on it. As pop up tents go, this one has less privacy than most. There are openings on both sides, but no flaps. That said, it’s like having a semi-private room scaled to size, where young preschoolers like to go with a few books, a huggable or a blankie for some chill out time. We were a little challenged by the directions for folding it up and putting it away, but maybe we were rushing. Ages: Preschoolers Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019 Click here to purchase the product from

Fisher-Price Corn Popper Ride-On

(Jakks Pacific $24.99) You probably had the original Corn Popper, a favorite push toy for generations. Now the familiar look and sound of the Corn Popper has been added to a ride-on for the 21st century toddler. Low to the ground with easy on-off action, this four-wheel drive ride-on for toddlers has a popper up front in a see through dome. As toddlers ride the balls pop up and down making a fun sound. (Unless you find the rattle of the popping balls too intrusive in small spaces-the sound cannot be turned off.) A developmental match to their active on-the-go play style. Fun way to build those gross motor skills and coordination. The wheels are plastic and have no treds, but they are wide an

Dolce Sensory Dragonfly

(Magformers $19.99) A fistful of sensory play to entertain baby! A soft fabric dragonfly has wings with many different textures to touch and grasp. The patterned wings have patterns to explore visually and little ribbons and textures for little fingers to touch. One wing has a teether with bumps to chomp on and there’s a bigger bright orange teether with texture hanging on the end of the bug’s body. This easy to grab bug body has a see-through spiral with colorful tiny beads that twirl around, making a quiet sound and visual show. Turn it upside down and see it again. Baby’s eye’s will also be attracted to the stitched-on eyes and smiling mouth of the velvety plush head with antennae knottie

Toy Story 4 Star Command Spaceship

(Disney $79.99) Buzz Lightyear is having a big year in Toyland and this play set, a Command Spaceship, may be the ultimate Buzz for fans of Toy Story 4. It’s a setting with lights, sounds and intergalactic action for a glow-in-the dark Buzz. A push of the button opens the light up cockpit where Buzz can guide his space ship to adventure. Power it up with rockets that flash with light in take-off. The cockpit is detachable from the space station, which is an exciting play center for a working claw that can lift tools. Buzz can go exploring in the sleek moon buggy or ride around on his quad vehicle with its swivel sonar, to detect approaching meteors or aliens. Takes 3 AA batteries and some de

Sassy Tummy Time Play Mat with Large Mirror, Cushioned Support Bolster

(Sassy $19.99) Oval shaped, this black and white mat is designed for photo ops and tummy time. It comes with a cushioned pillow to prop baby on. Since babies spend so much time on their backs, they do need special play times on their tummies, time to strengthen neck, back, and trunk muscles. This mat comes with a see-through rattle with colorful beads inside, a small stand-up mirror, and a big green teething ring. Use it for taking a monthly picture of baby, since the mat is marked with numerals that track your baby’s growth from week to week or month to month. Use the green teething ring to circle the numeral and flip the pillow that says weeks or reverses to say months.Truth be told this i

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