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Day Three: The Best Toys for Tweens (9-12)

For the final day of our toy series with the TODAY Show, we looked at the top toys for hard-to-shop tweens! Those 9-12 year olds that often have one foot already out of toyland, but still up for a good game, craft kit and high tech fun. For the past few months we teamed up with the TODAY Show to conduct a nationwide toy review. Families from all 50 states participated in the search for the best toys. We sent out 12 toys for each age category (babies-preschoolers, school-age kids and tweens). Each toy was tested by five families for a total of 180 play experiences with siblings, several sets of twins, and their parents - all engaged in our mission to find products that were worth their time and toy dollars. We looked at toys from both small and large toy companies, including those that are being heavily promoted for this holiday season.

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