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(Sphero $149.00) Platinum Award

Move over R2-D2, there's a new droid in the galaxy. Our Star Wars loving testers couldn't wait to tester this new App-enabled droid from Sphero. You can guide BB-8 with your smartphone or tablet. It responds and will react to your voice. They also loved how his head would pop off if they directed him into a wall. (We are talking 9 year olds after all!) Parents liked that it came with a well designed charging base to sit in - charging is via USB cable (included). On the flipside: The holographic messaging was disappointing to our reviewers - it's not like the movie where we see Princess Leia. They also wished that the actual BB-8 made sound (the sound effects come from your phone or tablet). Our testers did love how BB-8 could move around more freely (not just back and forth like most remote-controlled vehicles). Even with the noted drawbacks, the kids loved this novelty toy from the big movie of the year! Award Year 2015

Ages: Tweens

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