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Guidecraft 74-piece Organics-Powerclix

(Guidecraft $80)

Colorful translucent plastics in interesting new magnetic shapes give kids a new range of possibilities for creating some amazing constructions with 74-pieces in eight different shapes. There are instructions for reproducing some 3-D constructions and following those pictorial instructions will challenge kids to stay with a task and use visual clues as they hone their eye hand skills. But it's not just about reproducing a model. These pieces allow for discovery and open-ended creations. This is one of those STEM toys that gives children hands on experience with symmetry and spatial concepts and will be interesting to both girls and boys. 5 & up. [Safety Note: This is marked 5 & up for a reason. There is a straight piece that would not be appropriate for younger children who mouth their toys. In fact, if you have a older child that still does that - we suggest removing this particular shape from the set.]

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2015

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