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Quercetti Fanta Color Daisy

(International Playthings $19.99) Platinum Award

With 240 colorful pegs of varying sizes and a built-in pegboard, this is an engrossing but open-ended puzzle that kids can use to make their own designs or follow the patterns in the design book. Some of the early patterns are clear while others are very complex for younger players. Well designed, the tray will lock the pegs away for safe keeping between play times. Use the cups to sort the pegs by color. A fun way to develop fine motor skills needed for writing and eye hand problem solving skills in following patterns. A good toy to keep at the office for quiet play times. 4-7 SNAP: Use the tray to sort by color and on another game time, sort by both color and size. The pegs do require a lot of dexterity and build finger power as well as visual discrimination. Give them plenty of time to explore how the pieces fit and opportunities to make their own designs. Use this for introducing patterns...alternate by putting in big and small, big and small pegs. Ask what comes next? Not for children who still mouth their toys.

Ages: Preschool, Early Years

Award Year: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum and SNAP Award 2015

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