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Project Mc2 Doll Mckeyla and Lava Lamp Experiment

(MGA $24.99)

One of a new collection of Mc2 dolls that comes with a different science experiment for each doll--experiments that really work! Fashionably dressed in patterned knee highs and boots, jean shorts and jacket and a stylish black fedora and long glorious brunette hair. Mckeyla is a beauty who also likes reading detective stories and doing science. She comes with directions and parts for assembling a a working lava lamp that really bubbles. Her kit does not include the food coloring, veggie oil or effervescent tablet (as in Polident or Alka-selter) she needs. That said, the little lamp is very cool! Like the other dolls in this line she's more than just a pretty face. A playful way into STEM learning. 6 & up

Ages: Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2015

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