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Stikbot Studio

(Zing $19.99) Platinum Award

For any fan of stop-motion movies, the Stikbot Studio set from Zing is one of the best toys around. With two Stikbots and one tripod to hold you phone, you can explore the art of making your own movie. What makes this set so great is the flexibility and stability of the Stikbots. The suction cups at the end of their arms and legs are strong enough to allow creativity when posing the models. The tripod is also well made, allowing users to change the height of the camera. And who doesn't want to make a stop motion video of Stikbots break-dancing their little hearts out? Includes a free app for i phone and Android, the company calls this a social media toy that is easy to share on social media sites. We think kids will be satisfied to make stop motion videos to enjoy or share with family and friends. Marked 4 and up, this is totally unrealistic! That said, this is a terrific way of exploring movie making and animation. Extra stikbots are available for crowd scenes. Note: Our tester found the suction cups work better on a stone counter than on a wooden desktop. A great choice for 8 and up, up, up.

Ages: Later School Years, Tweens, Teens

Award Year: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2015

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