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Lauri Alphabet Puzzle Boards

(Patch $29.99)

For the alphabet set, here's a puzzle that goes from A to Z and also a to z with a 5 piece puzzle for each letter of the alphabet. Each board has an upper and lower case letter and an object that starts with that sound. There are a lot of Alphabet puzzles around, but these have cut out letters that give kids a 'feel' for the shape and direction of the letters. Start with just a few letters. Introducing the whole set at once may be overwhelming and confusing for younger players. Made of washable crepe rubber, these are fun for older kids to sequence in alphabetical order. Use the objects for riddle games: Put out five of them, including the boot and say, I'm thinking of something that you can wear that starts like boy or butter.

SNAP IDEAS: Kids can trace the letters or use them for spelling out their names. When kids are learning letters it's fun to put three in a bag and have child feel inside without looking. Can she pull out the letter "T" or one that says "M-m-m-m."

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award 2001

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