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Blue Chip Draft: Put Toy Name Here

(Briarpatch $21.00)

Happily this Platinum and SNAP Award (1995) winning game was brought back in 2011 and now has the designation of Blue Chip Award winner. One of the most beautifully designed color concept games we've ever reviewed. Players spin and pick up sturdy cardboard cutouts to match color, pattern and objects on their picture board of Maisy. Develops language and matching skills with a favorite character. SNAP INFO: Use this matching game to reinforce color words, patterns and knowing and naming the objects on the "lotto" style playing boards. ACTIVITY: Give each player a card and give riddles for finding the object that is the answer, for example, "I'm thinking of something that is round that you can bounce." The child who picks up ball gets to put it on her card.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award 2011

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