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Alex Neon Fantastic Spinner

(Alex $32.00)

What makes this spin art toy refreshingly new? It’s a hand powered spin art machine; no batteries needed. It’s a child powered toy in every sense. Packed with four colors of paint, 20 white cards, three colored cards and easy to follow directions. We can’t tell you exactly why, but spin art has been a long-term favorite at the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. Perhaps it’s because you need no special drawing talent or skill to make a unique image with colors you select. Unlike a drawing set there is no right or wrong way to make this art. Not only do we like it, we find testers and their parents all smile when spinner art comes out of the box and this neon paint set is no exception. 6 & up.

SNAP: This is a forgiving art toy that gives results no matter how colors are combined. But it also offers opportunities to talk colors and blend colors. For kids who need to develop hand strength it just might be motivational. The lever that activates the spinner moves with real ease. Counting how many squeezes it takes to make two colors blend will add to the fun.

Ages: Early School, Special Needs

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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