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Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Sky-High Bridge Jump

The very first thing you should know is this is the BIGGEST plastic train set we’ve ever seen. It is approximately nine feet long! Ideally, you’d set this up in a big playroom because after spending more than an hour and a half putting it together you will not ever want to take it apart. But, it’s not just big, the action is spectacular! Thomas goes round and round on the spiral ascent with Harold the Helicopter and then he races down a long ramp where he's catapulted over two feet into the air, lands on the other side, and continues back to that spiral lift again. If you have other Thomas set-ups they can be connected—if you have a room big enough to accommodate more. Okay, now we’ve said the good things. But here’s the down side. Unlike most train sets this is more about watching than doing. Once the set up is built (by an adult) there is not a lot to do except watch the battery operated action. It’s not like a train set that kids can build and rebuild in multiple way. It’s a loop that repeats and repeats like most novelty toys. Chances are, like most novelty toys, it will have its wow-ee moments. It’s a big investment with what will probably have a short but amazing play life. Marked 3-6

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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