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Odyssey Turbo Runner Quadcopter

(Odyssey Toys $34.99)

After testing a disappointing plethora of drones we finally found one that climbs, flies, bounces, blinks, and soars some more. Designed to climb walls and ceilings the Turbo Runner has a bouncy cage that protects the quadcopter as it rolls and flips. It has blinking led body lights and does 360 degree flips. Set it on auto pilot and it will fly in circles. Put it in Wall climbing mode and it can climb any smooth wall or across the ceiling. Put it in ground mode and switch from flying to rolling. The RC Transmitter takes 4 AA batteries and the copter itself gets a 3.7 rechargable lithium battery. The Quadcoter comes pre-charged and ready to fly and the manufacturer recommends using up that charge before recharging. We used this indoors in a room with tall ceilings. It can be used outdoors, but not near a pool. Charging time 60 minutes, flying time 5-6 minutes. Note: If you need to remove the batteries immediately after play, let it cool a bit, since the batteries can get hot. 8 & up.

Ages: Tweens

Award Pending

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