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New Micro Mini Deluxe

We’ve told you about the Micro Mini scooter that’s designed for the younger rider. What’s new this year is the adjustable T-bar that grows with your child from 17” up to 25”, an inch higher than the original fixed handlebar. Available in 8 bright colors, it can handle up to 75 lbs. It has the same smooth-gliding wheels, low-to-the-ground deck and stable lean-to-steer ride. Kids soon learn to lean right and left and develop balance. For best protection, children should wear helmets and knee pads when riding. The company says that the non-marking wheels allow children to learn to scoot in the safety of your home. Marked for 2-5. We think lots of young 2’s, especially are not ready for scooters. We think 3 is son enough and then only with helmets, kneepads, and supervision. Comes in many colors.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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