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K’nex Education Swing Ride Building Set

(K’nex $39.99)

You may have built ta K’nex Ferris Wheel back in the day. That’s still possible, but now there’s a new amusement park construction set, a motorized Swing Ride with 486 pieces. There are two other experiments that can be built and activated with the same materials. This is part of their STEM educational program that introduces kids to patterns, gears and the relationship between mass and speed. Like all K’nex construction sets these require fine motor skills and some hand strength to go along with following the step by step directions. They suggest these kits are for grades 3-5, we suspect it will be better for the upper range and beyond. For kids who take to K’nex, there are a wide range of larger construction sets such as their classic Ferris wheel.. 8 & up, up, up.

Ages: early school, tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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