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Gamewright Qwingo

(Gamewright $15.99)

Qwingo is a fast paced game— easy to learn and entertaining to play. Each game goes from random luck to some strategy skills. Players take turns calling a number and rolling the die (with icons) that match the icons on the columns of their game sheets. It seems simple, but as the game sheets fill up you need to use strategy so that there are spaces for the numbers you call or your opponents call. Players compete to be the first to enter a full line of numerals in ascending order. Once the sheets start filling up they can look at their opponents' sheet to see what numbers would help them fill their columns—and not call them. For younger players, this game is a good way to reinforce number sequencing with smoothness and speed. It's also a pencil and paper task that requires writing legible numerals, a skill they certainly need for school. We plan to try this game in reverse and see how it plays with descending numbers. Qwingo makes for a good travel game since it takes up little space and can be played without lots of little pieces falling or going lost. Qwingo comes in a neat magnetic box with four pencils, playing pads, and die. It’s also a little addictive, which means it should make time fly on a plane or waiting in a restaurant. If you want to get them off those big and little screens, this will help! By the way, this can be played solo as well as by 2-5 players. 8 & up.

Ages: early school years, tweens, adults

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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