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Gamewright Gonuts for Donuts

(Gamewright $14.99)

On the surface this looks like a game of chance where players get to bid on the donut of their choice and hope they will be the only one calling out their bid. If two people shout out the same number neither gets the donut. Okay, that sounds easy enough. However, once you get into the game a little further you discover that there is strategy involved and choosing certain donuts can be more or less rewarding in the final scoring process. Be forewarned, scoring does take a bit of time and math. The object is to end with the highest score, but that is not just a matter of having the most cards. Gonuts for Donuts is a game that makes you think as you get to know the highs and lows of sprinkled, glazed and frosted donuts. Marked for 8 & up.

Ages: Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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