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Barbie Dream Horse & Doll

(Mattel $99.99)

Barbie is dressed for riding in her pink plaid shirt with pink vest, she has high English riding boots, which are removable, a pink helmet, a currying brush, and carrots to feed her beautiful white Dream Horse. Put Barbie up in the saddle and get ready for action. Dream Horse is a little like the last puppy we tried to train; she doesn't always listen. She's touch sensitive and will turn right, left, walk forward and dance, depending on where you touch her leg, rump or face. Although she doesn't always do just as you command, that is a small issue.

For kids she is going to be totally awesome. Sort of a magical novelty toy that won't last for decades, but is sure to make a huge hit for the holidays or a big birthday gift. Will she fit into pretend play schemes? Why not? We also like that she is available in multi-ethnic versions and is not about clothes but action. Dream Horse comes decked out with a red quilted blanket topped with a pink saddle and reins. For hair play kids won’t be fixing just Barbie’s long hair. Her Dream Horse has a luxuriant mane and tail plus 30 sounds and reactions that are voice and touch activated. It plays music and can dance to three different songs. This is one fancy horse that magically can walk and even do a 360 degree turn. Marked 3 & up, but probably not for 3s. We'd say more like older 4s, 5s and even 6s.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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