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Craft-tastic Design-Your-Own Stuffies Decorate and Stuff 2 Pre-Sewn Creatures

(Ann Williams $17.99)

Two pre-sewn creatures come in this design kit—a 6“ one and an 8” one. There’s batting to stuff them with, too. But designing comes first. Use markers, colored pencils or paint (none of these are included on the theory that you have plenty of these without adding them to the cost of the craft kit.) Kids draw the face, body and decorative elements to make each Stuffie unique. There is no right or wrong way—only the young artist’s way. Once the art work is done let the stuffing begin. One side has a slit where the batting goes. The next step is for an adult only. The closure on the Stuffie gets ironed shut with a heart-shaped patch. Once it’s done kids can move on to the second Stuffie. We like the grey flannel-like side as well as the simplicity of the design and directions for this project. We think kids will like playing around with their finished product. Marked for 6 & up and that sounds perfect.

SNAP: This can be a satisfying project with some success built-in with the pre-sewn dolls. Projects that produce end products like this can be pleasing while offering opportunity for fine motor skills with markers of paint.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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