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Thinkfun Rover Control Coding Game

(Thinkfun $14.99)

So many products this year claim to teach coding, although what they are teaching is not too different from the old LOGO turtle that was introduced decades ago. This is played without an app, smart device or screen. That alone makes it appealing and affordable. It is one of several logic games that relate to coding and does not require big spending. It's from the same folks who brought us the classic logic game of Rush Hour and so many other favorites. Rover Control comes with wipe off boards, three markers with erasers, and a book full of challenging puzzles that go from easy to really tough, and happily includes a solutions booklet in case you cannot go another mile without knowing. For kids that lie an intellectual challenge, solving puzzles like these will be right on the mark. It's not for everyone, but maybe if you do the first few together your tween will get caught up with the fun of using his/her wits in an off-screen game that can be played solo on a rainy day or a long flight. There are other sets, but we liked this one as a starting place

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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