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Winning Moves Crackers in My Bed

If you have a preschooler this is an excellent color matching game. It’s fast and entertaining to play. The rules are clear and easy to learn. Each player gets half of four cracker cards. On each turn a player spins and lifts a colored card that matches the color on the spinner. If the cracker revealed matches one of the player’s half crackers, they get to feed the Bear with the two pieces, Winner is the first player who has no crackers left. Set up takes a little time the first time out since all the pieces need to be punched out and the bear needs to be put in place. When it’s time to put the game away, you can carefully put the lid on and leave the crackers in place to save time for the next game or take them all out and make a game of feeding them to the bear and then put the bear to bead flat and close the box. 4 & up.

Ages: Older Preschoolers, Young Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2018

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