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Osmo Super Studio Mickey & Friends or Osmo Super Studio Princess

(Osmo $19.99)

This season Osmo has gone totally Disney. Their Super Studio Mickey Mouse and Friends gives kids step by step directions on how to add to pre-made Disney scenes. Their drawings (more like decorative elements) are added to the image and appear on the screen. After each of the characters are added to, they can all come to life in an animated adventure. Of course, kids need to do all the drawings before they get to the payoff adventure and this will take time. It’s not a toy that will run out of steam in ten minutes. Instead, they will need to return to it several times before they get to the grand finale—and that's a good thing. Like the original Monster kit, this requires the use an Osmo ipad base, which is not included in the package AND you must-have an ipad. It will work with a mini ipad as well as standard size. We found the add-on drawings a little more challenging than the very friendly Monster studio of two seasons ago. Designed for slightly older kids, It’s marked 5-11 but we think the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. It is pretty magical.

There are also two other Super Studios this season: Disney Princess and Incredibles 2 (coming soon). If you don’t own the base you can buy a game and base for $48.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2018

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