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Mega Bloks Jungle Treehouse Band

(Fisher-Price $39.99)

What a playful combination! It’s a construction toy with music and sounds for toddlers. Four “animal” blocks are color coded to match the base they fit on. Put them on their base and they make appropriate animal sounds or play a rhythm or melody on the instrument pictured. There’s a bluish elephant that plays drums, a yellow striped tiger that plays a xylophone, a purple parrot that plays guitar and a red monkey that plays maracas. The animals have peg bottoms that fit on bases in a treehouse that rest on a long base. There are also a 60 Mega Bloks in various colors and shapes that kids can add to the treehouse or use for building. A playful toy for making things happen—that gives toddlers a wonderful sense of power as they activate sounds and stack the playing pieces. Jungle Treehouse is also a fun toy for early pretend and early eye hand skills. Marked 12 months and up. We think 18-24 month old will enjoy it more and have the dexterity to use it with some independence.

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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