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Djeco Topanifarm Stackable Cubes

(Djeco $22.80)

You and your toddler will find many ways to play with these adorable “house” blocks and the little animals that come with them. Show them how the animals can fit inside, on top of, or next to the blocks that has a matching image on one side. Or, put the animals inside the houses and line them up, side by side or stacked in size order. As you do this, you’re modeling ways to play while also enlarging basic concepts and language. One side of each house also has a numeral, so older kids may begin to notice the numerals and size order—from small to large or from 1-6. Of course, the blocks can also be nested inside each other in size order. These are sturdy cardboard blocks with gaily decorative designs, images, and animals that will give you plenty to talk about as you enlarge your toddler’s language with color concepts, sounds the animals make, position and size words. You use the words that lay the foundation these concepts that are best learned as they are used in everyday hands-on play. In time, your toddler will invent his own way to play with these blocks, but for starters, getting down and playing together is the way to go. 18 months and up.

SNAP: A classic kind of toy that can be used for stretching concepts such as position words, size order, familiar animal names. Use this fo marching games. Look at picture of animal on a lock and then hunt for the small animal that matches. Put the blocks in size order in a line...then put them on top of each other.

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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