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Lego Friends Rescue Mission Boat

(Lego $89.99)

There’s good news and the other kind, too. We have serious mixed emotions about this one! The good news first: Years ago a rescue mission boat would have been marketed for boys. Sure, girls might have played with it, but it would have been on the aisle for boys toys. So, at first glance this seems a step in the right direction. A serious action toy for girls, a construction set with 908 pieces! Their mission to save a narwhal whale that is beached and in need of help. For this we were even able to overlook the pink hull of the boat. But then we saw a possible line in the sand. Why did they do this…why a PINK whale? Is this what they think girls who enjoy action toys want? Please! If you can get past the pink it a fantasy whale, it’s a project some will enjoy. This action toy with rescue theme might have been platinum if not for the overuse of pinkness. Marked 7 and up.

Ages: Older Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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