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Home Learning Chili Pepper Pass!

(Home Learning $12.99)

Learning left from right until it becomes automatic just got easier with an entertaining card game that comes with a red (foam) chili pepper. It’s a little like playing Hot Potato only you are not just listening for a signal and trying not to get caught holding the potato. In this game, players pass the chili pepper following directions on the card they draw and those cards are all bout using your right or left hand, or both…for example: “Pass your right hand on your right ear, then pass the pepper with your left hand” or “Pass the pepper 4 to the right.” Easy Peasy…right? Hold on, you read and pass the pepper against a

1 minute timer. The person receiving the pepper picks a card and does what it says, hoping to quickly pass the pepper on. The object is not to get caught holding the pepper when the timer rings or you’re out! Good fun for a group of kids, for family game night, or even using the two player rules. There’s simple counting, speed reading and action and mastering the basic concept of knowing your left from right without hesitation. Comes in a small zip up bag with cards and pepper. This would fit nicely into a Christmas stocking or make a nice one night gift for Kwanza or Hanukkah. Marked 4+, but knowing left from right on a speedy basis is beyond most preschoolers. This might be a better choice for 5s and a good many 6s and even 7s.

Ages: Older Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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