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Radio Flyer My First Tesla Model Y

(Radio Flyer $99.99)

Isn’t this the snazziest little ride-on you’ve seen in ages? It’s an authentic model of the Model Y made in cooperation with Tesla. We’re always on the look-out for a foot powered ride-on that doesn’t tip easily and has good tires for traction. Its shiny sleek red body has a discreet shimmer without being glittery. Unlike most ride-ons the wheels have rubbery treads that take it smoothly over any surface. We thought the sculpted ergonomic seat would lift for storage, as on most ride-ons—but that's about all that's missing. Happily, little drivers won’t have to lift the vehicle to make a turn; the steering wheel actually works! So does the horn. It’s low enough to the ground so that toddlers can get on and off with comfort, but children as old as 4 + are able to ride it as well.

As with all ride-ons, we generally suggest trying them out in the store, since leg length can make all the difference...but given the times, that's probably not an option. The box says 1 1/2 - 4. We’re not sure how steady young 2s are, but testers say their three and four-year olds are truly enjoying it—as are some of their older siblings. Like most Radio Flyer vehicles, this is a gender free choice to be enjoyed by both boys and girls and sturdy enough to be passed along to younger sibs and cousins—maybe even a collector’s item since it’s a model of the real thing. Granted it has a bigger price tag than most ride-ons but we think this will go the distance. We had an early model; they are taking online pre -orders; cars will be shipping after Nov. 6th and ready to ride for the holidays.

Ages: Older Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2020

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