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Basic Fun Lite Brite Oval

(Basic Fun $19.99)

This is not your old Lite Brite with the usual size pegs. They were small but a good fit for little hands that needed to develop fine motor skills. We have always been fans of classic Lite Brite. So, we were excited to see the new Lite Brite Oval. We thought it might be different and indeed it is. The patterns are much more detailed because the pegs are much smaller and call for fingers that can handle the fine-tuned pegs and images. Our tester found her fingers hurt after spending too long thinking who could do the whole thing in one sitting. Like other fine-tuned crafts, each pre-made picture will take several sittings, which is not a bad thing. Learning that Rome wasn’t built in a day gives kids experience with patience and sticking to a task. As I thought about this kit, I wondered if making your owns geometric swirl designs or diagonal stripes might not be as much fun as using the template that comes with the kit. In any case, disregard the 4 and up label. This is a toy for much older kids —maybe some in late early school , but probably better for tweens.

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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