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Best Toys for Preschoolers: 2022 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Awards

We are delighted to announce the Best Toys in the Preschool Category for 2022. These toys have been awarded our top honor, the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award!

Preschoolers need a a mix of toys for active big muscle play as well as sit down quiet time. Toys for solo time as well as social play. To read our full review of each toy click through the titles below. You'll find our entire evaluation and shopping information as well. You'll also want to check our OTP Gold Award Winners.

Pretend Settings and Vehicles

Hape Super Cityscape Transport Bucket Set (Hape)

Hess Flatbed Truck and Two Hot Rods (Hess)

Fisher-Price Hot Wheels Little People Racing Loops Tower (Fisher-Price)

SpinMaster Air Hogs Flippin’ Frenzy (Spinmaster)


eeBoo PreSchool Nice Animals Memory and Matching Game (eeBoo)

Hey Buddy Hey Pal Cake-n-Bake Challenge Game (Hey Buddy Hey Pal)

Blue Orange Tongues Out Game (Blue Orange)


eeBoo 20-Piece Puzzles Skating Dogs, Gardening Bear, and Pets In Motion (eeBoo)

Peaceable Kingdom Shimmery Snowman and Christmas Tree Floor Puzzle (Mindware)

Peaceable Kindgom Puzzle & Play Construction Puzzle (Mindware)


Shuttle Art Tempera Pain Sticks (Shuttle Art)

Colorforms - 70th Anniversary Set (Colorforms)

Tonies (Tonies)

Creativity for Kids Sticky Wall Art (Creativity for Kids)


Steiff Ben Teddy Bear & Suitcase; Steiff Lotte Teddy Bear and Suitcase (Steiff)

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