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Child's Play, If You’re Happy and You Know It! Board Book and Others

(Child's Play $5.99each)

Review We were delighted to find that Childs Play has issued a number of Annie Kubler and Sarah Dellow’s board books with bilingual texts, featuring children of color illustrations. Many of the titles have been available in English, but now they have been reissued in Spanish and Haitian Creole. We’re sure these will be welcome additions for families as well as child care centers. Finding children that look like themselves and speak their language is so important as children are introduced to the printed page.These are small board books designed for the littlest listener. They are small sturdy board books that children can handle, each with a classic nursery song or rhyme. Use them to say or sing with babies and toddlers. Many involve movement that childen will enjoy doing as you sing. You’ll find the notation for the melody on the back of each book.

Here are some of the single titles and the languages they come in:

Another small bilingual series from

Child’s Play provides illustrated rhymes, songs and directions for small games to play with babies. These one-on-one games are good for soothing, stimulating, and just enjoying a little fun time together, after a diaper change, before a nap, or any old time. It’s different than bathtime or mealtime or any of the transactional must do times…it’s playtime for two with talk and eye contact and getting to share some playful moments. The Three titles we suggest include classic games with easy to follow actions baby will enjoy. Look for these titles:

Touch & Tickle (Toque y cosquillas)

Calm & Soothe (Calma y serenidad)

Bounce & Jiggle (Rebote y balanceo)

Ages: Infants, Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2023


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