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eeBoo 12 Days of Christmas,1000 Piece Puzzle; Mrs. Santa's Reindeer,500-pieces & Holiday Ornaments

(eeBoo $21.99 each)

Just opened a new box of goodies from eeBoo with three festive puzzles for the coming Christmas season. We love the folk arty look and gold matted finish of the 12 Days Of Christmas, with those drummers drumming and pipers piping and the whole wonderful cast dancing around that partridge in a pear tree. We think you’ll be humming as you and your helpers work on this visual version of a favorite tune. (illustrated by Cynthia Cliff)

We also think you’ll like the 500-piece Mrs. Santa’s Reindeer taking a moment from her busy day with gifts to wrap, her shopping list and lights to string up. (illustrator Caroline Bonne Muller) or Holiday Ornaments, a festive tree adorned with dozens of beautiful tree ornaments by Asta Barrington.

These complex jigsaw puzzles (especially the 1000-piece ones) are primarily for adults, but a wonderful challenge for the teens and even tween in the family to do cooperatively. Dedicate a table to the project for family members to stop by and do their bit. The finished puzzles will be 23” squares that you can glue and hang or display or put away with the holiday decorations.

Ages: Adults, Tweens & Teens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2023


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