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eeBoo 24 Color Pencils & Matching Sketchpad

(eeBoo $23.99 )

A fresh box of color pencils is always a wonderful treat, and this season’s many choices are extra special. With two dozen pencils, they get 12 metallic and 12 fluorescent colors! The pencils themselves dazzle with golden markings. Perfect for art projects for school and crafts. And to make the. gift complete eeBoo has done a matching sketchbook with cover art that matches the handsome Dutch Quilt art on the pencil box. There are other wonderful set you can put together— a lovely combo of 12 pencils ($8.99) and sketchpad ($7.99). Choose cover art with under the sea illustrations, space ships, strawberries or jungle animals. These combos make a gift that is sure to spark creative ideas long after the novelty toys have bad their day. Early School

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2022


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