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eeBoo Five Progressive Puzzles: Together Time, Life on Earth and Good Deeds

(eeBoo $17.99 each)

Choose the theme you think your puzzlers will like best. Inside of each box, there are five small puzzles. Kids will need to learn to collect the pieces with the same color edge and background before they begin, or this is something an adult will do for starters. They will find a 3 piece, then a 4 piece, 6, 9 and finally 12- piece puzzle. We think the Life on Earth with big single animal on each puzzle will be the easiest. The playful Together Time features “kids-in fur” animals playing games together is going to be appealing to kids and the Good Deeds set speaks to being helpful. Again, the latter features animals in kids clothing. Although this is marked 3+, we think it’s more like a 4+ choice and then with help the first few times. Remember kids love to redo their puzzles again and again until they have a sens of mastery, so helping them is not going to spoil the usefulness of the puzzles. Besides there’s lots to talk about in these storybook style illustrations.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2022


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