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eeBoo Health and Safety Conversation Cards eeBoo How Was Your Day? Conversation Cards

(eeBoo $15.99 each set )

Our six-year-old first grader has lived half his life in a pandemic with an awareness of health issues that we can only hope his one-year-old sister will not ever know. Although these Health and Safety cards feel a bit didactic, they may, in fact, give some children some pro-active rules to live by, giving them a sense of empowerment. In a classroom, a teacher might use them as once a week or daily health and safety tip of the day. Parents can do the same and use them to talk about the singular idea presented on each card. Like all the conversation cards ono various themes, this set comes with 48 cards illustrated with storybook style animals doing things like brushing their teeth, drinking water, washing their hands, etc. All familiar events that kids do and have probably been told to do repeatedly. Sometimes we and they forget why any of these habits are important. There are parent suggestion cards that can help. These are not meant to be preachments, but to open the conversation and reinforce some very basic ideas. Also new this season, a set of cards that speaks for itself, How Was Your Day? The question itself offers a wider range of answers than the usual, “What did you do today?” Of course, some kids come home and spill the beans with a non-stop litany of events. But many are more likely to answer with a single word... “Nothing.” These cards with suggested questions zoom in the many social skills and the feelings kids are discovering and dealing with, along with their academic skills. Each two-sided card has illustrations with several questions to spark conversation. You’ll probably not want to. Use all the questions at one time, but these may help you and your child, by talking about what’s happening and feelings about those interactions.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2022


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