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eeBoo Holiday Village 20-Piece Puzzle

(eeBoo $11.99)

With nice big pieces, this 20-piece jigsaw puzzle is just the right size challenge for beginners. A jolly street scene with storybook animals dressed up in clothes are out shopping. There are street musicians, snow, sled, Christmas tree being carried home by two cute foxes and a Bear family looking in the toy shop window. It’s a small but wonderful extra gift that will be done and redone as preschoolers and young early grade kids get the knack of putting together frameless puzzles.

Or for cat lovers, eeBoo has done a 20-piece Big Cats puzzle with the same kind of big pieces that younger kids will find success in doing many times. Marked 3+, but we think this is a better choice for older 4s and 5s.

Ages:Older Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2021


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