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Fisher-Price Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage with Dinosaur Head

(Fisher-Price $89.99 )

If you have a serious Hot Wheels fan with a sizable collection, this will serve to store them in one place as well as providing a mini-setting for dramatic play. On second thought, it’s not what you can really call a mini-setting. It’s a very big multi-level parking garage with a. vertical tower, a two-car elevator, and side by side racetrack with daring air jumps. But watch out! That T-Rex is hungry for any Hot Wheels that come his way! There is space in the garage for 100 vehicles. This comes with connectors, so it can be joined to other Hot Wheels sets. It comes with two cars to add to the collection.

Ages: Older Preschoolers, Younger Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2021


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