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Learning Resources Magic Coders: Skye the Unicorn and Blazer the Dragon

(Learning Resources $54.99 each)

Skye the Unicorn or Blazer the Dragon leads the way to a playful place for beginners to learn about coding. Their magic wand controllers have arrows that point forward, back, left and right to control the dragon or unicorn. There’s a magical spell books that kids can follow to put the Skye or Blazer through their paces and lots of props to add to the fun. There are arrows to lie in the path and a ball to chase and even a see saw for flipping stars. All in all, they are both entertaining STEM toys for early school years. Marked 4 and up, but we’d say they are a better choice for kindergarteners and then it will need to be a parent-child project for starters. You can’t just open the box and hand it over. Yes, give them time to explore how the buttons work, but then if you want this to be more than a random RC experience, if you want them to have a budding understanding of coding and how it works, it will take some time together, “figuring it out” and talking about what’s happening and what they can make happen.

Ages: Older Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2021


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