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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Mario Edition

Part RC vehicle—part video game. If you already have a Nintendo Switch, this new hybrid game is an add-on that's likely to be a hit with the younger kids in the family. In this game Mario arrives in an honest-to goodness go-cart along with a series of numbered gates that you set up to create a course for racing. Kids design the raceway by running the cart under the gates; they can change the track from a simple loop to figure eight or other zig-zags. Now it’s time to play as the race comes to life on the screen in augmented reality. On the Switch's hand-held controller/screen, players see both the game and their real-life room. On screen, the track lights up, other characters appear, so do obstacles as you round each twist and turn. Players control the action on their Switch while moving around the floor in the room. Can be played solo or with up to four carts can race( each cart sold separately) Our tester thinks this has potential as a more open-ended game that goes beyond the world of Mario as creative kids incorporate this into their block and construction set cities. We'd say this is a game for older school-age kids 8 -12 before they are totally immersed in their older sib's game machines. You need the Nintendo Switch to play this add-on.

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2020


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