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Studio Creator 2: Video Maker Kit-Multicolor Ring Light, White

(Canal Toys $30.00)

For tweens and teens who want to experiment with creating videos, this kit is a real piece of equipment to launch them. With the Studio Creator 2 Video Maker Kit they get a LED multicolored ring light, adjustable tripod, and green screen to create their own original content. Put their phone on the tripod and they can record scenes hands-free. They have a choice of three LED white light modes plus 8 more LED color modes. A controller that’s included allows them to easily switch between color modes and create the perfect lighting for their video creations. They can use the green screen with an editing app to create unique backgrounds. A special gift for aspiring filmmakers. 10 and up. NOTE : A mobile phone does not come with this kit and they need the use of one in order to use this equipment.

Ages:Tweens & Teens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2023


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