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Mindware Leaps and Ledges

(MindWare $30.00) Platinum Award

They call this a towering game of strategy and luck and that is a good description of a challenging but entertaining fast-paced game. Players try to be first to the top of the tall tower without getting sabotaged by opponents who can send them down or even knock them off. The going back down feels a bit like Candy Land! Our testers and their parents gave this a 5+ rating, which says a lot, since they are regular game testers. It does require a fair amount of sportsmanship when your playing pieces get knocked down, so it may be better to play as teams or play this with the older members of the family. 8 & up. Almost all of our families raved about this toy including: "BEST game we have ever played as a family."

Ages: Tweens

Award Year: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2015

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