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The Submission Process

There is no fee.

If you have not submitted to us before, we suggest sending us a small picture of your product along with a description before you send it in.  Highlight sheets are much appreciated! We will let you know if we're interested in reviewing your product.


If you send in product to us, it must come with a submission form that helps keep us organized and also serve as your certification to us that the products meet our safety guidlines.

You can get the form by clicking here

You should send one sample of your product along with the additional contact information requested on the form.  We consider only finished products.

We can not test prototypes with kids.

We do not return products to manufacturers. Products are either kept by the testing family or donated to children's charities.

Given the large number of products we receive we report to manufacturers only about products selected for the website. We apologize for not being able to be more responsive, but the volume of what we receive makes it impossible to do otherwise.

If it is a large product, please please email us first. We will arrange for it to be sent to a different address. Our office is in NYC - and space is limited.

Where to Submit

Send products to: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, 40 East 9th Street, Suite 14M New York, NY 10003


Phone: 212/598-0502


Again, please email us first before you send large products.

When to Submit

Product is considered for review throughout the year for the web site and television appearances.

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